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Fresh batch of Renegade Airwaves jungle tapes being digitized for the site

The latest batch of tapes sent to us for the website include 4 Renegade Airwaves shows from late 1999 to mid 2000 that we've never heard before!  Lots of legendary OG DJs representing the Toronto jungle sound with sets from Lush, Everfresh, Tommy Illfingas and Mystical Influence.  Going to try to get these out over the next month or so, tune in Fridays for the latest yo. officially launched!

Chris and Mike from

Junglist Massive!

We are proud to announce the official launch of, an audio library of high quality audio files of jungle drum N' bass radio shows broadcast from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Each tape has been carefully digitized from our cassette tape collections, and is available on the site free to stream and free to download as well.

The goal of this site is to celebrate, archive and open to commentary, this very special part of the Toronto electronic music scene.

The secondary goal is a call to action, specifically a Call For Tapes.

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