jungletapes.com officially launched!

Chris and Mike from Jungletapes.com

Junglist Massive!

We are proud to announce the official launch of jungletapes.com, an audio library of high quality audio files of jungle drum N' bass radio shows broadcast from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Each tape has been carefully digitized from our cassette tape collections, and is available on the site free to stream and free to download as well.

The goal of this site is to celebrate, archive and open to commentary, this very special part of the Toronto electronic music scene.

The secondary goal is a call to action, specifically a Call For Tapes.

Our collection is in no way comprehensive, despite covering a huge range of recordings from early 1998 to mid 2000. We need the junglist community to help us build up the collection with any and all recordings still out there preserved on cassette tapes, CDs, even digital formats. We hope that in launching the site with 10 tapes (close to 20 hours of audio yo!) that you'll entrust this mission to us — to steward the proper archiving of Toronto jungle radio shows.

Going forward we're going to serialize the release of the rest of our collection.  Thursday night at midnight we'll release a new recording, alternating between tapes in Chris and Mike's collections until we've uploaded everything we've got. 

We're also going to use our group on Facebook and our Twitter account to tease the release of the tapes each week with some cryptic details to get y'all pumped up for that week's recording, so follow us on one or the other to stay in the loop.

You can also participate by registering for an account right here on jungletapes.com. We would love for you to comment on the content and let us know what you think, maybe even share a bit of your story from back in the day when these shows were broadcast.

With your help we can make this an awesome website for junglists all over the world.  


Peace, and we'll see you next week.

 Chris & Mike.