Tape of Tapes - The Origins of the Old School Show

One of the sites that inspired us, the Toronto Rave Mixtape Archive, has got some nice sounding rips of the tapes played on the Old School Show.  It's nice to be able to hear them clean but there is something special about mic moments and CIUT sound bites.  Still, we have to send a big up to Wayne and the Toronto Mixtape Archive for keeping the old school alive, because without these sets all we'd have is the old school show like it was 1998 with no internets.

Marcus - London Sounds Part 2 - For the start of the Old School Show Marcus plays side B, which starts at 46:00 on the full tape rip on the Mixtape Archive's studio page:

Toronto Mixtape Archive Studio M London Sounds Part 2

Nicky Blackmarket - Live at Delerium 'Erotic Prophecy' - Once again, Marcus spins side B of the tape.  You can get the A side on the Mixtape Archive as well as a clean side B AND a set by the Hard Cru from the same night a bit higher up on the page.  Dope!  It's actually a bit surprising how much of this tape Marcus spins, a full 36 minutes before switching to the next tape.

Nicky Blackmarket Mixtape Archive

Hard Cru Mixtape Archive

Darren J, Dr. No - Syrous 'Origin Unknown' - Another Side B!  This time the tape doesn't start at the begining.  If you skip to 30:29 of the third file you'll find a clean version of the tape.  Marcus says this tape was put on by mistake and he'd play it again but he doesn't.  Looks like the recording was paired with a Mystical Influence set from the same night.

Darren J Syrous Origin Unknown

Marcus - London Soundz Vol 8 - The only A side spun on our tape, this was the DJ SS Showcase.  The MC'ing by L Natural gives the tape a new life, and the girl calling in and other commentary take this part of the Old School Show over the top and into legendary territory.

London Sounds Vol 8 Mixtape Archive

Shy Fx - AWOL Night with MC Skibadee & MC Fearless Live on the Prophecy 4/12/98 - This one is a link back to ourselves, but hey, the golden tape could always go for another spin.  Chris and I didn't even know that this was the fifth and final tape of the show; our 90 minute tape would have only recorded up to around 10pm, 30 minutes before the end of the Prophecy.  The reason we now know that this tape was part of the show was because we got our hands on a copy of the show with a later recording time courtesy of Jennifer the junglette from Toronto, big up!